Max transit dual sim/ balance one ip camera issues


We have a Max transit dual sim router installed on a boat with a balance one acting as the AP and router switch. We have dual sim aggregated in priority 1 with full signal strength and a local speedtest of 50Mbps down 21 up, all devices are hardwired.
The remote login is quite slow with the streaming video very glitchy the frame rate appears not to be updating smoothly with the video playback available on android phones and not on certain iPhones above iOS 12.4.2. Are there any settings that would allow the video content to update faster and more fluid? Thanks in advance.

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Just to check do you have:

dual modem MAX transit → Balance One → IP Camera?

That aggregation is load balancing yes? You’re not using speedfusion vpn right?

Are you logging into the IP camera from somewhere else? How are you connecting to either the Transit or the Balance one to access the camera?

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Hi Martin,

The hardware connections are the pepwave Max transit into the balance one with NVR and 3x ip cameras. We also have 4x Apple TV’s and networked TV’s onboard which all work ok.
We’re not using the speed fusion function just both sims running in priority 1.
The NVR is a product by GOST security and we are using their app to view the system. The NVR is in essence dahua 4TB unit. We have had the GOST techs dialled in from the USA to see if they can see anything from their end, maybe there are some settings slowing down the traffic throughput?

I see. I suspect the balance one WAN is in NAT mode rather than IP forwarding. As such the Transit Duo is only seeing a single device (the balance one) and so is a bit limited in how well it can load balance all the traffic from the balance one LAN side devices across the 2 available cellular links.

Would initially recommend:

  1. Set Balance one WAN to IP Forwarding (you’ll need to add static routes to the Transit for the LAN subnet of the balance one).
  2. change the https persistence outbound policy on the tranist from ‘By Destination’ to ‘By Source’
  3. Upgrade firmware and choose fastest response time as the default outbound policy for load balancing traffic.

Then if remote inbound access to the network is a frequent occurance i would suggest hosting a free FusionHub Solo in the cloud so you can port forward and provide openvpn client access to/from a hosted virtual public IP and then take advantage of Speedfusion technologies across the dual cellular connections.

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Hi Martin,

Thanks for the suggestions I will give that a try.

Have a great weekend


I had some issues with connectivity using multi-WAN on MK2 until I switched to fastest response AND removed HTTPS persistence.

How exactly are you accessing the GOST setup? Are you remotely connecting into the boat via an IP address or is there a cloud broker in the middle where the cloud is connected with the NVR and you are connecting to the cloud to view remotely? If you are connecting to an IP address, which one? Each cellular connection will have its own IP and you can only connect in through one, correct?