Max Transit Cat18

I see there is a new transit with model number MAX-TST-GLTE-G-T-PRM with a Global Cat 18 modem.

Are there any regions where this will not work where the previous one MAX-TST-LTEA-K-T (Cat 12) will work?

Apart from the speed and bands is there any other upgrade in the unit?

Any idea about availability?


I noticed that this appears to be a single modem device. What about a dual-modem cat 18 offering?

It exists as the the HD2 MBX.

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Nice. If only I could afford it. :slight_smile: It still wouldn’t solve Peplink’s problems with LTE-only bonding. If it’s a really hard thing to do, OK. Just don’t entice me to buy one saying that it will significantly improve bandwidth. It does say this. Peplink should have a big disclaimer about bonding LTE and it not improving performance. Peplink support was not successful at all. As you are aware, I am less interested in reliability of bonding and more interested in throughput. Oh well. Wishful thinking.

Hello @Neziak & @joelbean,
With the Cat-18 Chipsets, you need to have four (4) antenna connections, so having enough real estate space to fit these onto the connector plate is a challenge with the MAX Transit range, so you are unlikely to see a Cat-18 DUO.

What you may find as a suitable alternative are the MAX Transit DUO Cat-12 model. Talk with you local Peplink Partner about the suitability of these if you want the dual modem in the compact MAX Transit form factor, otherwise as @MartinLangmaid has mentioned the new MBX HD2 with Cat-18 will be the suitable alternative for the MAX Transit DUO going forward.

Happy to Help,
Marcus :slight_smile:

Maybe the Balance 20X (BPL-021X-LTE-E-T-PRM) with CAT18 added modem module (EXM -MINI-1GLTE-G)?
Internally it has a CAT4 modem, which is fine for a single band which you can fuse with the CAT18 modem which has lot’s of CA on several bands anyway.
Pricing is a lot more doable than the HD2 MBX, not much more than the Transit CAT18 Single PrimeCare.

Keep in mind that using the same band from the same provider twice in a SpeedFusion tunnel will rarely work well, unless you can receive several LTE masts/serving cells with good external antenna’s.

Hi, what’s the availability on these? I’ve been backordered for a few weeks with one of your resellers who says their waiting on product.

I have not checked today but as of Monday it was not even on our price list in the USA!

Demand is very high and they sell out immediately. This should ease up the first week of April but I recommend everyone to get their order in now from your reseller so you can get one from the next batch.

@Rick-DC, I am sending you a separate message.


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Thank you. I’m hoping my reseller can fill my backorder asap! Looking forward to implementing this technology in my setup.

For the CAT 18 EXM Mini Module, since they do not come with their own antennas, what antennas by Peplink should we be buying for them?

@TheMissingLink, you may buy the antenna with SKU - ACW-234.

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Hello @TheMissingLink,
We recently started acquiring these (and similar) antennas from Toaglass to supplement/replace the antennas that previously got supplied

We are looking to field-test these models soon also:

So far in the field test we have done, they have been excellent, and we have deployed them with a few new customer systems even though those customers only have Cat-18 chipsets (still LTE 4G).
Happy to Help,
Marcus :slight_smile: