max transit CAT 18 wildly inconsistent speeds and VERY hot

I’ve just completed the install of a new Max Transit CAT 18 modem with a Puma antenna. My speeds in the last 24 hours have been wildly inconsistent, ranging from .25mpbs to 45mbps! It usually hovers between 6-10. I’m in the middle of Phoenix, I cannot think of what might be causing the wide range. Is there any way to diagnose this?

Also is it normal for this unit to run at 130 degrees? I took it’s temperature and it’s nearly too hot to touch but is in an open space. I feel like I need to mount it to a heatsink.

Hi Chaoslos,

Maybe your area is saturated? If the cell tower is saturated, you’ll find that they will reduce your bandwidth.

130 Farenheit? Or Celsius? :smiley:

It should be fine if it’s Farenheit, but if you can ventilate it or get some cold air to it.

I had similar results that appear to be related to some DNS settings. I am not a network person but know enough to confidently make bad configuration changes which later complicate my life - especially when I have forgotten I made them. I think it was enabling the DNS proxy which was wreaking havoc with my connection, causing radical latency issues and ultimately making my internet unuseable. I also noticed the router was getting hot even though CPU was at lower levels. I now have DNS servers defined, disabled DNS proxy and have DNS caching enabled. Again, it could have been something else that I accidentally adjusted but now everything is running like a top and the router is at room temperature.