Max transit cat-18 or max transit duo

So I currently have the MAX Transit cat 18 I’m considering switching to the max Transit Duo for more redundancy but I noticed the speeds or a lot more slower on the specs. I just need to keep a steady connection for personal and some Zoom calls. Any suggestions on what I should do, should I keep what I have or should I trade in for the duo??

you don’t mention if you’re in a fixed location or move around a lot?
If fixed, I’d be tempted to keep the CAT18 and use my phone as a hotspot for WIFI WAN on the transit to use when I have important calls. You can manually fine tune the bands in use and the choice of mobile network to give you the best possible connection.

If mobile - CAT12 Duo using multiple operator sims tends to outperform a CAT18 Single modem in my opinion.

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well im spend most of my time in my rv but i travel for work in Texas

Also considering trying CradlePoint specifically the ibr 1700-1200 m-b. If anyone has any information on CradlePoint I would greatly appreciate it

Router specs are the same (@400mbps rated throughput) - it is the same device just with different cellular modules in.
A single CAT 18 modem module can out perform a single CAT12 modem module, since the CAT18 can use more MIMO channels. The choice between the CAT12 and CAT18 variants is a choice between dual active redundant carriers or not.

What do you want to know? Loads of info on