max transit cat 18 going offline unexpectedly

I’ve been using my max transit cat 18 as a go-between to my starlink.

WIFI-as-WAN 5ghz for wan connection (connected to starlink)
Lan port via eth to wan port on balance
Cellular turned off
OpenVPN Wan turned off
Wifi 2.4 ghz on

It works fine, but for the last couple weeks has been “disappearing” every few days.

All of a sudden can’t ping it via the lan port from balance. Wifi 2.4 ghz ssid no longer seen.

Power cycle it, and all is well.

How should I troubleshoot this? Any known issue that would cause this. Running 8.2.0 firmware.

what are you using the balance for?

Balance is running speedfusion.

I have two pepwaves that were doing cellular
Balance (speedfusion)
-Wan 1 - Pepwave ATT
-Wan 2 - Pepwave Verizon

Then when I got starlink I repurposed the max transit so instead of providing cellular, it was doing wifi as wan to the starlink.

The max transit didn’t crash when it was doing cellular. At first it seemed fine with starlink wifi as wan. Recently it has started “disappearing”. The 5 ghz is doing wifi as wan. The 2.4 ghz wifi SSID is on for an access point to troubleshoot, but now just sometimes “disappears” until I power cycle the max transit.

Next time it happens I’ll try connecting a laptop to the max transit lan.

I suppose if the max transit wifi is crashing it would make the balance disconnect it since there would be no internet so would fail the balance wan’s smart check. So I’ll try and connect to the max transit lan with a laptop next time this happens and see if it’s just the 2.4+5 ghz wifi that is locked up, or if the whole max transit is stuck.

Just thought I’d ask if anyone has seen anything like this. Unfortunately, it seems like it always fails when I don’t have time to troubleshoot it right then and just need to get it up and running again.

Happened again tonight.
Found the balance not using the wan connected to the max transit.
Then a moment later, saw that the max transit’s wifi SSID was not showing up on any laptops here.

Observed max transit -
Status light solid green
Wifi light solid off (indicating a problem)
Cellular light solid off (as expected, as cellular wan is disabled)

Connected ethernet cable from laptop to max transit lan port. Lan port light on.
However laptop won’t get IP via dhcp.
Set laptop IP manually to same subnet as max transit. Can’t ping max transit’s IP.

Power cycled max transit, and it’s online again, wifi ssid is showing again, and balance is using wan connected to max transit.

Not sure why the max transit is locking up every couple days now.

I suggest upgrading to 8.2.1. We encounter the similar issue in the old firmware. Please refer to the release note.


Thanks! Sorry I didn’t see that. Updated to 8.2.1 now.