Max Transit and BR1 Technical Manual

Is there a technical manual for the Max Transit and BR1 variants which describes the best antenna port usage and sharing plus also the console connection? I’ve been experimenting with combiner/splitters and want to make sure I’m doing the best thing. Also, I’m looking for a signal reference value as either a digital or analog signal.


Sorry to inform that we don’t the such document.


I know the cell antennas are primary and diversity, is this the same with the Wi-Fi and are 2.5Ghz and 5Ghz on each antenna or is one for external (Wi-Fi WAN) and the other for the AP?

So how do you use the console port, baud rate and etc.?

The cellular antennas support the frequencies range for the available on MAX routers that we are selling, eg. 3G antenna supports frequency bands for MAX with 3G modems, while LTE antenna supports frequency bands for MAX with LTE modems.

As for the Console Connection, do you mean you need to Pin-Layout? If so, then this link should able to explain more to you.

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What is the difference between the Max Transit Wi-Fi antenna A and Wi-Fi antenna B or are they the same and both support 2.5Ghz & 5Ghz?

What baud rate is the console if I connect to it via Telnet or HyperTerminal?

The Wi-Fi antenna serves both 2.4GHz and 5GHz concurrently.

This is my simple setup, with single antenna.

This is my MAX Transit > Web Admin, both 2.4GHz and 5GHz Wi-Fi WANs are connected.

The Console Port in the MAX devices (eg. Transit, BR1 Slim, M2M, etc) is meant for 3rd party machine Out-of-Band Management purpose. So, the baud rate should follow the 3rd party machine console settings.

Hope this answered your question. :slight_smile: