Max Transit 5G questions

I’ve got some questions, that I couldn’t find anwsers to online. Starting with that an online store over here markets the Max Transit 5G as an M2M router. And I couldn’t really figure out if this has something to do with what sim cards you can use in it, or something related. I’d think it would work with normal router-compatible sim-only plans, but the M2M made me rethink some of this. On the datasheet and website from peplink I couldn’t find anything pointing to this so is it correct that:
I can use any router-compatible sim-only plan in the Max Transit 5G, and use it as a normal LTE/MiFi/4G/5G router, to livestream off-grid? (just like any other 4/5G router from other brands)

Also, i’ve looked at the dual sim option, and the speedfusion. The page suggests that bonding is possible, but after looking deeper into the data and such it looks like it can only “use” one sim at a time (one modem)?
Does this mean that I can maybe bond with wired connection and LTE, but only use failover on the sim cards? (or switch to the strongest network)

I’d really appreciate if someone could clarify these points, as I’m really interested in the Max Transit 5G!