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can someone confirm or otherwise if you can use a pepVPN to create a VPN between a MAX BR1 LTE and a MAX OTG U1?

MAX OTG to MAX HD2 works well and i was hoping to do this recreate this with a BR1

Yes, you can use PepVPN to create a VPN tunnel between a MAX BR1 LTE and a MAX OTG U1. They are end-point devices, so the scenario would be end-point to end-point VPN scenario instead of end-point to central-point scenario. However, we have firmware for it so that end-point devices can communicate each other.

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Actually i knew the answer because i tried it and the event log came back with “cant communicate with endpoint” however what i was hoping is for a way around it, which you have provided me with
what do i need to do to get hold of this firmware?

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We are glad to hear that we provided you with information that you needed. If you could send us a diagnostic report from each device along with your brief description of your requirements via our ticket system, we can send out firmware. Thank you.


Sorry for the delay, I’ve now put through a couple of support requests

thanks again

I am finding difficulty in creating PepVPN with MAX OTG Firmware Version 6.0.3 and 6.0.2

My earlier units were with 6.0.1 and I could create PepVPN easilly between two MAX OTG devices.

To check, I upgraded two units of 6.0.1 to 6.0.3 and found the same problem. The response is “starting”, “Creating Tunnel” , “Authintacating” and then again back to “Starting”.

Do I need to fill in some extra parameters in the new Version.

I manage to re-generate the scenario with 2 units of MOTG running firmware 6.0.3 build 1257 with the same result (PepVPN not able to establish). Please log a ticket to our support at [email protected], for our technical team to look into it.

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Did you get solved the issue with the MAXT OTG and speedfusion on both sides?

Please share


Yes this is now supported on 6.1.x firmware.