Max PoE question

Yes. For DC terminal block, you only need 1. You should not connect 2 DC power source via DC terminal block. Make sure you have sufficient “current” then you can power up 8 POE devices via LAN port.

20Amps :+1::+1::+1: that should be sufficient enough to power up all the devices.
Let’s us do a simple calculation by compare the different methods to power the device:

AC adapter (DC Jack):

  • Single HD4 HW1-2 AC adapter power : 48v x 2.5A = 120W, Two AC adapter = 2 x 120W = 240W
    (First DC Jacks required to power 1-4 PoE LAN, second DC Jack to power 5-8 PoE LAN - Hardware design)

  • Single HD4 HW3-4 AC adapter power : 56v x 2.15A = 120W . Two AC adapter = 2 x 120W = 240W
    (Single DC Jack will enable PoE for 8 Ports, you need more connect 2 DC jacks in-order to have sufficient power to power up 8 PoE LAN)

DC terminal block:

  • Helicopter Power source = 28v x 20A = 560W
    With SDPMU, you can convert the 28v to 52v and sufficent current to do so.

You should explain to customer that they have no choice if the need PoE output. 48v power input is the standard requirement to enable PoE.

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Do they want to avoid extra hardware due to cost or because of weight?
I can understand they would want to avoid the extra weight but the SD-PMU would be the most effective and “off the shelf” solution.
Getting a specific 28V DC to 48V DC converter would be a tricky task in its self!

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excellent! many thanks @sitloongs

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Hi @SamuelNorris, of course we have proposed our SD-PMU.

Customer has given an indication too of maybe using the below adapter.

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SD-PMU :+1::+1::+1::+1:

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Smaller/Cheaper/Zero Management Required/No On-Off Switch for User to Inadvertently Flip/Variety of Input-Output Options

Hi @TK_Liew and @WeiMing!

Just want to confirm. The accessory with code ACW-622 is needed only when you want PoE output in the HD2 powered by AC?

If we are powering the HD2 with 48V DC via the terminal block, we don’t need the ACW-622?

My question is because of the code description that indicates there is a PoE License included with the accessory kit.


We did a test with PoE output via terminal block below.

So, HD2 can provide the PoE output if the power input is 48VDC or higher.

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