Max OTG Speedfusion in North America and Europe

Hi all.

I’m undertaking a pretty mammoth task with the OTG products.

We are travelling with a fashion company through New York, London, Milan, Paris, Toronto and Istanbul and we need to have a reliable 3G connection in each city.

My setup includes 2x Max OTG with Tekkeon batteries in a soft bag (heats up too much at present).
We are using Verizon’s UML295 USB modems which work with a lot of carriers as it comes unlocked. So far I have tested ATT and T-Mobile SIM cards in it and it’s great.

We are keen on buying more of the UML295’s as we have encountered issues with other devices such as the ATT Beam 320U actually made by Netgear not Sierra Wireless. Error | NETGEAR.

Currently the UML295 is only available in US Verizon stores. If anyone has experience with using European SIM’s in unlocked devices I’d love to hear from them. Also any workflow ideas would be welcomed. We are bonding back to a Balance 210:eek: server in the USA.


Hi Isaac,

Thanks for sharing the details on your application, very cool! Are you getting LTE connectivity on the AT&T network using the UML295? I know it is a globally unlocked device, so it should be fine on 3G HSPA and HSPA+ with pretty much any carrier worldwide that uses a SIM card for authentication.

4G LTE is a different story as there are many different frequencies/bands in use, but you should be just fine on 3G.

Hi Tim!

I made a special effort to use 4G LTE in the USA. However no, we only currently have Verizon running at LTE. THe device is fantastic but as you may know, 4G operates on so many different bands around the world, it’s just not capable to use the ATT network.

For 4G you would have to buy devices from the cellular companies locally and then develop firmware for the Max OTG for each device as many are not listed as “supported” and “for sale”.

Yes the setup is potentially cool, with over 16 hours battery and essentially a live photo version of a Teradek bond. Seeing as the UML295 device worked fine with T-Mobile this gives me hope for Europe. I’ll try get 2 more of these devices.

I’m waiting on support for the ATT Beam 340U upload issues. The device is supported but it does not pass upload bandwidth.

I am looking for a solid portable and breathable setup for the unit and modems. Something like a box with vents. Fashion media pits are very tight for space.