MAX-OTG-S4 or MAX700?

Calling out to anyone with the above routers… Can you please provide some feedback about your experience with them?

If you’ve got both, what have you found to be the differences in real world use?

Thanks in advance, Edward

Depending on the network requirement the main differences between the two:

  1. M700 has 200Mbps of throughput where as the MOTG has 100mbps (M700 also has higher SF/PepVPN throughput; 60 vs 40).
  2. M700 has a terminal block for direct power where MOTG does not.
  3. M700 has 4 LAN ports where MOTG has 1 LAN.
  4. M700 has 2 WAN, MOTG has 1 WAN.
  5. M700 has AP controller feature.

Full comparison can be reviewed here:

Thanks for your reply, Jarid. Much appreciated.

I was hoping for some responses from your end users as well, so as to get an idea of how they used the two machines, and how well they (subjectively) thought they performed.

In the meantime, I ordered a MOTG-S4 this morning!