MAX OTG and remote client VPN

Hi All,

I have a MAX OTG -1 and a bit of a newbie when it comes to VPN’s :o
Is it possible to set-up a VPN between a remote client PC and the MAX OTG using IPsec, if so how?
and if you can do it, can you do the same with a tablet

would have been easy if i realised earlier it didnt have PPTP VPN on it

will i need dynDNS clients at both ends

at the moment i’m using Wi-Fi Wan whilst testing but ideally i’d like a tunnel between a tablet and the MAX OTG over 3G


When it comes to IPsec VPN, a VPN tunnel needs to be established by “Network to Network” instead of “Network to Client”.

If you need to create a tunnel via “Network to Client”, PPTP VPN is needed in your scenario. However, as you mentioned, it is not supposed in MAX OTG at the moment. I would recommend that you make a post in our feature request forum. Our Engineering team is looking at customers’ requests so that we can meet our customers’ needs accordingly.

Your understanding would be very much appreciated. Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns.


OK, i will see if we can use another MAX OTG at the client end