Max on the Go disconnects usb modems


I am using a pepwave max on the go along with 4 vodafone (huawei) k5150 usb modems and the SpeedFusion WAN Smoothing & Link Load Balancing trial. While only using one usb modem it seems to be working fine.
When I’m using four usb modems at random times they will disconnect, with disconnect I mean that the pepwave isn’t picking them up for about 2-3 minutes, then they will reconnect. I am using all four usb modems in priority 1. The achitectures i tried is the followomg: weighted balance, persistence, overflow, least used, lowest latency. Also the usb modems have the same ip addresses connecting to the pepwave, will that be an issue (referring to this post: Peplink | Pepwave - Forum). What i would like to have is that all 4 usb modems should always be used for an internet source unless they have no signal etc… All four are from different service providers.

Any help would highly be appreciated


I replied to your other post here: