Max On-The-Go 3G/4G Router - QUESTIONS

I’m going to buy “Max On-The-Go Router with Load Balancing & Speedfusion” for use in Russia.
There are questions.

  1. The following table uncludes modems used in Russia. In your list of supported modems (for Russia) I found one modem, but now the modem is out of date.

In the table I marked the modems I use. May I hope that these models will work with Max On-The-Go?
2. Can USB ports be used to connect a printer, SSD-drives and HDD-drives?
Is it possible to organize a Print Server, FTP Server?

Hi Pilot,

Thank you for your inquiry. The online list at
is the most up to date version of what we do support currently both 3G and 4G/LTE. You can absolutely use a mix of connections within the same MAX device.

The list is predicated on being up to date on firmware for the Peplink
and is being added to all the time. For modems not listed (as you found), we can occasionally, on a case by case basis, get them to work
with help from the Engineering Team. Basically they log into the
unit remotely and determine if support is possible. Once support for
the new modems is created and released via firmware update, the article
does get updated accordingly.

The USB slot is only for use by 3g/4g thumbsticks.

I do hope this clarifies matters; let me know if there are further questions or concerns at all.

Hi Jason,

Thank you for your reply.
Too bad that USB slots can be used only with 3G and 4G thumbsticks.
If the option Print Server and FTP server was available on a device plus the possibility of connection to SSD-drives and HDD-drives the device would be more attactive for the buyers. I would pay 150$ more for such device.
And on more question:
Is it possible to connect Blackvue DR550GW-2CH to “Max On-The-Go Router” to watch videos from cameras remotedly?

Best Regards,