Max number of outbound policy


Dear what is the max number of outbound policy on Balance 20 ?



There is not a hard limit for this but a large outbound policy rule table will consume memory and may also affect performance.


thanks Ron


To add to what @Ron_Case said, I can give you one data point. We had one installation with a B20, HW2, 2 WANs, 10 outbound rules, 2 PepVPNs in use and the AP controller controlling two APs. When it started acting flaky we entered a ticket and the good engineers @ Peplink found we had exceeded memory limits.

Resolution: We replaced the B20 with a B1 Core. Problem solved.


Hi @Rick-DC, you saturated the balance20 :scream::scream:

maybe it would be interesting to have also in the datasheet this information, so as to choose the device correctly and not incur the problems where you have to explain to the customer that the machine you sold is under sized and he have to buy a more performing machine !!!


Hi @asimula. Yes, a 'RAM calculator" would be useful. I will say, we’ve pretty much eliminated all B20s from our installations. The B1 is much more capable and the only things we do not like about it is that (1) it can’t be rack mounted, (2) has a plastic case – appearance and potential RFI issues. (We’re investigating the latter as many of our installations are sensitive areas where we must be super-careful about raising the RF noise floor.)


Hi @Rick-DC, it would be interesting as a tool.
With our balance one core we did not notice any RFI problems.
One of the things that are missing I think it’s an active cooling, because the passive one in my opinion is not enough, also because the case is very narrow and therefore the heat dispersion is very low.


The nature of RFI that concerns us would almost certainly be detectable only with a spectrum analyzer or, in some cases, a panadapter attached to a communications radio. It’s easy to understand why the B1 is an outlier in the Balance line, however, as this product started (pre-Balance One Core) with built-in wi-fi and that would be “difficult” with a steel case. :smirk: Nonetheless, our judgment has been questioned on more than one occasion as to the wisdom of using a plastic cased router in environments where the owner expects to see a steel product bonded to the rack.