Max Number of Firewall Rules and NAT entries supported by MAX BR1 Mini LTEA?

What are the maximum numbers of firewall rules and NAT entries supported by the MAX BR1 MINI LTEA?

Not convinced there is a maximum number, however if you build a massive ruleset every piece of traffic has to be evaluated by the router against that ruleset and so you will end up throttling your throughput as you grow the list.

What do you need to do / support?

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Thanks, Martin! That makes sense.

I’m just looking to understand the limitations to make sure that a customer having a few dozen NAT table entries up to perhaps a few hundred at most would be within normal operating load. I expect that only up to a few hundred entries would be easily handled by the MAX BR1 MINI LTEA, but wanted to check in case someone here knew of a limit.

Do you know of anyone using the MAX BR1 MINI LTEA with a hundred or more NAT entries? Has there been any noticeable impact on performance?


Lets ask @TK_Liew and @WeiMing those guys have access to a shiny test lab and might know the answer to that :wink:

What is the use case? A few hundred nat entries / firewall rules is an extraordinary amount in my world. I don’t think I have ever seen more than 20 rules on a MAX device and even then I thought that was a crazy high number for an edge device…

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We get asked this from time to time :blush:.

Please refer to the links below.

The answer is the same as the firewall rule. We don’t have the soft limit.

@MartinLangmaid is right. I will try to minimize the rules especially Grouped Networks is supported now. It is crazy to manage a high number of rules :cold_sweat:


Thank you @TK_Liew!