MAX MK2 + Rugged + AP One... help a newb out?

I have a MAX MK2 working (connected to router). I set up a wifi name (Showifi) and then added an AP ONE ENT + Rugged, now only the AP One and Rugged show up in my wifi, each separate. Each are connected to the internet via wifi.

How can I group all of them under one wifi name? Ugh… sorry, but if anybody can point me to how to set up I’d appreciate it!

Hi Hallvalla,

the APs are not with a RJ45 cable connected to the BR1? Only with WiFi?

Normally you can enable the AP-Management in the BR1

I never tried this without a network cable


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Thanks, Dennis.

I can only access those controls through InControl2 for some reason (I have a message in the web admin saying these settings can only be changed in IC2).

However, I think I have all the APs working under one SSID now, but I still see the AP One and Rugged in my wifi options. Not sure if that is normal or not.

Another question is I’m not sure if the APs connected to the MAX MK2 are working - when I check the Wifi report the only device registering Upload/Download is the MAX. I’ve done some testing with my laptop nearest to the APs (75 ft from MAX) by downloading and uploading.

Not sure if this is just how IC2 reports as the MAX is connected to the router?

In the first post (screenshot) IC2 is also showing my APs being offline, is this normal as well?

if something is set in IC2, you can only manage it in IC2.
You find the settings here

Can you please explain here, how are these APs connected to the BR1?
Could you paint a small network plan with IP-Addresses?


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