Max HD4 VRRP with 3 device


Hi all.
In architecture where the Max HD4 is a backup router of a cisco router (mpls), and they need to work with Vrrp together (topology adjunt) i have the next questions:
-What is the default vrrp priority of an HD4 ?, when you configure vrrp in it, you can’t put a determinate priority.


please peplink support is there any feedback for this, we are a partner of peplink and we need confirm this for the end customer that wants to buy this device.


Hopefully one of the Peplink team will answer this shortly (maybe @sitloongs can assist) as a partner you should also raise this in the private partner forum and via a ticket for best possible visibility.


Pepwave routers support high availability configurations between two Pepwave routers to provide redundancy and failover in a master-slave arrangement via the open standard virtual router redundancy protocol RFC 3768.

Technical details regarding the implementation of VRRP by Pepwave routers:

● In an HA configuration, the two Pepwave routers communicate with each other using VRRP over the LAN.
● The two Pepwave routers broadcast heartbeat signals to the LAN at a frequency of one heartbeat signal per second.
● In the event that no heartbeat signal from the master Pepwave router is received in 3 seconds (or longer) since the last heartbeat signal, the slave Pepwave router becomes active.
● The slave Pepwave router initiates the WAN connections and binds to a previously
configured LAN IP address.
● By default, when the master Pepwave router recovers, it will once again become active.


Thank for your response, but i know that, i know how vrrp work.
My question is if this device can work with other two 3rd router where the max will be the third backup

router 1 master
router 2 backup1
HD4 backup3

that i need to confirm this, i think if them work with the standar there is not problem, but i need someone can confirm it.


@aortega, can I confirm this design is relevant to the ticket you opened at RT#782231?


OK, so as you would expect - there is an ‘official response’ here of VRRP is supported between two Peplink devices. If you do VRRP with two Peplink devices in production, Peplink support staff will provide all the assistance required to make that work.

Since VRRP is a standard it of course means that you can do HA with combinations of Peplink and non Peplink routers. I know of partners who do this all the time with CISCO routers on their customer sites where the Peplink device is the Slave for failover.

When a Peplink device is configured as a Slave, under normal circumstances the priority is 200.

So if your existing MPLS routers priority is higher than the HD4’s 200 and within the same VRRP group, in theory this should work.

eg MPLS Master priority 250, MPLS Backup priority 230, HD4 priority 200.


Thank you very much,
That is the response that i needed it