MAX HD4 Power Consumption


What is typical power consumption for MAX HD4 at idle? Is is less that the 38 W noted on the spec sheet?


At idle connected to what?
It would depend on how many WANs are connected (cellular and WiFi) and the You also have to consider if you are using the PoE on the LAN ports


I have an HD4 sitting in the office and a power meter. Let me know what you want to do with it and I’ll put it through the test



Thanks for the offer to help. Our HD4 will have 2 WAN cell cards and WiFi will be active. There is no PoE. I am trying to get an idea of the heat dissipation when the unit is powered on with no communication traffic and also when transmitting and receiving. I have been using the 38 W figure from the spec sheet but am wondering if that is too conservative, especially without any communications traffic. For a quick test, the power draw for an HD4 configured as above without any communications traffic would be helpful.



Below are the power usage for my labs devices. Hope it will help for you.

With 56V at around 0.3A = 17W (no cellular connection, no ethernet connection)
With 12V at around 1.2A = 15W (no cellular connection, no ethernet connection)


Thanks for the follow up, this is just the information I needed!