Max HD4 MBX 5G throughput

Dear, We are working on a quote where customer asking for:

  1. Max router throughput (without security)
  2. Max router throughput with VPN,
  3. Max router throughput with additional encryption
    all 3 for 5G, 4G and1Gb ethernet.
    In the datasheet the Router throughput is 2.5Gbps
    PepVPN throughput(no encryption) is 600 Mbps
    PepVPN throughput(with encryption) 500Mbps
    5G Cellular Data Rate (Downlink/Uplink) 5G: 4 Gbps / 700 Mbps
    LTE CAT-20: 2 Gbps / 150 Mbps

I am a little confused here what to answer the customer on the 3 questions for 5G, 4G, and 1Gb ethernet.
Anyone that have an idea?

Hi Trygve,




Same as above. The connection method / type doesn’t affect throughput capabilities - unless the connection itself can not support that amount of throughput.


Hi Martin,
Perfect, thank you.
I answered this in the beginning, but suddenly I was unsure.