MAX HD4 - Massive Packet Loss

I am using a Peplink MAX HD4 with speedfusion bandwidth bonding
With two Verizon SIMs, One AT&T SIM and One T-Mobile SIM

The laptop directly connected to the Peplink MAX HD4 (LAN) is seeing massive packet loss

  • packet loss > 50% at times to
  • web browsing is unstable
  • connection to the corporate VPN establishes, but there is lots of packet loss over the VPN path

After removing the ATT & TMobile SIM cards packet loss improves, but does not cure the instability

  • packet loss to is almost zero
  • packet loss over the corporate VPN connection to the corp firewall is 13%
  • web browsing is intermittently flaky
  • the two active VZW SIM cards have a solid 5 bars of signal during all of the tests

I am hoping to schedule a troubleshooting session with a Peplink Engineer to address these problems
Please help


Please open a support if you need support team to help to verify the connection issue.

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