MAX HD4 LTEA External Antenna Cable Recommendations

We have a stationary unit, rack-mounted in the MDF of a newly constructed distribution center. Ceilings in this building range from 40 – 50ft in height. A MAX HD 4 will help facilitate two DMVPN connections on a dual Cisco router deployment. The site is located in rural Aurora, CO. We have analyzed the site location and determined that there are 3 cell towers in the immediate area. Of the three towers, two are LTE and one is an LTE-A tower. The site sits somewhat centered between the three towers. We have narrowed choices of antenna to the IP67 and Puma – 401. We are considering directing to the one LTE-A tower. Can anyone give me recommendations on antenna cables or how to best determine a specific cable type?


In order to find the right cable, you have to deal with the RF attenuation. Depending on the cable, there are different diameters, bending radii and attenuation at the different frequencies.
Furthermore, one must note that on a cable such as e.g. an LMR400 has a low attenuation, but cannot mount an SMA connector directly, so a pigtail must be used, which has approx. 0.25-0.5 dBi.