Max hd4 802.11ac

I noticed on the MAX HD4 with firmware version 7.0.1 build 2988 on the 5GHz 802.11AC is available. In the product spec sheet is not mentioned.

Can you inform me that the 802.11AC is working on the MAX HD4?


Are you referring to this settings ?

This is actually AP controller settings for 802.11n/ac. The AC configuration will only take affect to device that supported AC. Current MAX HD4 is not supporting AC.

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I assume new hardware is required to use 802.11AC. Customer wants it but but HD2 has only 2 sim slots. Is it on the road map to implement this on the HD4?

Hi Edwin,

Does your customer want more than two active cellular connections or does your customer want four SIM-slots of which two are backup?

If the customer wants four SIM-slots of which two are backup, you could consider the Pepwave MAX Transit DUO.
This model already supports 802.11ac WiFi and has two dual-SIM cellular modems.
If SpeedFusion WAN Smoothing and/or Bandwidth Bonding is needed, you can enable this by purchasing an optional license, which basically makes it a Pepwave MAX HD2 with four SIM-slots.

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