MAX-HD4 3G/4G Band Selection controlling

Hi! Today I find that mobile operator put mee or MAX-HD4 choose overloaded by traffic LTE Band 20.
If i generate 1-2Mbps of traffic throught SpeedFusion tunned (4xLTE wan) delay goes to 1000ms or more and quolity is bad. Signal level/SNR is good.
I disable this Band on WAN Cellural setting and connection switch to LTE Band 3.
And from this moment all good (Netflix+Youtube+WebServig).
So my question is, may be exist some kind of automatic detection quolity of currently selected 3G/4G Band and if it is “bad” and reselect another one?

The 4 cellular WANs are using the same ISP and all are connected to band 20? Did you change the 4 cellular WANs to band 3? I am asking this because SpeedFusion will try to avoid the WAN link with high latency by default.

Yes, all 4 cellular WAN are connected to same ISP. All of them are connected to band 20.
SpeedFusion VPN try to avoid WAN link with high latency but this is logical avoidancy (just temporary don’t use some of WAN link), but this not enought…
I disable on Cell WAN link band 20, and wan connect to band 3.
Now I have mix, one band 20 and 3 band 3. This is better then 4xBand 20.

Hello @wavemag,
It is possible that your cellular/mobile carrier/ISP is experiencing saturation on certain frequencies of there 4G service, this is a common issue experienced in areas of Australia with Telstra’s Network, the other thing that can affect you is the carrier/ISP can actually sell priority on certain frequencies, again in Australia Telstra does this (called Telstra LANES Enterprise) so based on your account, the APN & SIM combination, you can be throttled down especially if someone has come into the area who is paying for the priority service. An example of those in Australia that have or pay for this priority services are our Emergency Services departments, Mining Companies, Media Broadcasters.

Another problem could be the cell tower you are connecting to has an actual fault, which in that case you should raise it with your carrier/ISP, never assume they already know of the issue.

Neither of these might be your situation, though based on what you have described and actions taken both are possible.
Happy to Help,
Marcus :slight_smile:

I understand this, and find workarond. I disable “poor” band on Cellular WAN.
My question is about how to automaticaly detect that selected band is "poor/oversubscribed"
and don’t us it by temporary blocking this band?