MAX HD2 Not Throttling Connections

My network consists of a mix of DHCP & Static clients… I’ve setup bandwidth control to limit bandwidth on everyone, except 2 computers.

Testing on various machines I see that they do get limited to the allocated bandwidth, however, there is a switch that provides multiple clients access and that doesn’t seem to ever get throttled and I see it spike way beyond what’s been set. ie: 3mbps down 0.5mbps up, and I’ll see it spike or sustained at 20mbps down and 5mbps up.

Not sure what to do. I’ve been poking around in the settings making sure I didn’t miss something but haven’t figured it out.


  1. Are you doing Individual Bandwidth Limit (Advanced > Bandwidth Control > Individual Bandwidth Limit)?

  2. From where you noticed certain users are not under control? By doing

  3. Do you mind to share network diagram to show the connectivity of between the user not under control, switch you mentioned and HD2?