Max HD2 Mini with two US carriers - reliability?


The background:
We are debating whether to invest in an HD2 Mini, deployed with a Verizon and an AT&T LTE card.

A Balance 30LTE has worked reasonably well with one SIM card (occasionally flaky connectivity) but a Balance 30 we have deployed with a Verizon U620L USB modem has been unusable - the B30 locks up after a while.

The question:
For those of you with an HD2 mini with two simultaneously used SIM cards, what have your reliability and speed experiences been?

we use almost exclusively the MAX series with duel SIM cards. half of our deployed units are US/ EU and those work great as the yachts cross into the Carib. switch over is (for the most part) seamless. where I run into the most trouble is when a well meaning mate confuses the card slots or the guests haul boogies thru data and it runs out.

the US/US MAX does really well for dependable service. what seems to work the best is 2 dif carriers ie AT&T and T-Mobile. most of my clients will do an “account” with “pre-paid” as far as speeds you couldn’t tell the difference if they are running 1 5G card or 2. what happens 90% of the time is that the pre-paid runs out or hits its “throttle” then when the speeds drop it does put a lag on the account side.

hope this helps

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We ended up with a MAX Transit Duo. So far, so well (though it has not really been stress-tested). The ability to optimize the trade off between AT&T (inexpensive, slow) and Verizon (fast, expensive) is delightful.