MAX HD2 mediafast and Office 360

I would to know if a MAX HD2 LTEA Mediafast could be a good solution for a boat working with Office 360?
The board modify files shared with a shore office.

Hi @Berard_Pm
I have consulted with the MediaFast team and have come up with the following.
We don’t believe MediaFast would benefit Office 365 in this situation because the documents should be encrypted and stored in one central place (the cloud) other-ways the versions of the document would not be in synchronisation.

You should focus on providing reliable connectivity using SD-WAN (SpeedFusion) to create more reliable connection to the cloud.

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Hello @Berard_Pm and @Sam_Norris,
We have done something similar to this for clients that have several computers sharing files synced to the cloud over a satellite connection or an LTE connection.

The only cloud storage platform we found worked reliably with this was DropBox (with a business subscription).

Dropbox has for a long time offered the ability to operate syncing of files across a local network. DropBox calls it “LAN sync”.

So how it normally works is only one copy travels across the external WAN connection(s) while all the local machines will sync internally (must be on the same subnet/VLAN). It is not 100% though it does work for the majority of the time.

It may be possible to have a docker app developed to host a DropBox on the MediaFast. What our clients have done is run a suitably equipped laptop that is always on the LAN. The laptop is running DropBox with the client’s account and folders. Ensure the client secures the laptop to the hilt with multiple levels of encryption & access controls to assist in protecting data from laptop theft.
Happy to Help,
Marcus :slight_smile:


Hello Marcus and Sam

Sorry for the delay to reply.

Our customer has chosen a most standard solution without mediafast.

Thank you for this information, Next time we will have this kind of request, we will test your solution.

best regards


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