MAX-HD2-LTE-UE do not connect first Cellular SIM

Good day everyone!
I was purchased MAX-HD2-LTE-UE about a week ago
and in my country (Ukraine) first SIM slot doesn’t work
but second work well (same 3G operator) Kyivstar


If you put the SIM card (IMSI 255030005512250) that current connected in cellular 2 into cellular 1 (First SIM Slot) will it get connected ?

Else if you still fail to get the Cellular 1 connected after swapping the SIM cards, please open a support ticket here for the team to further check.

Thank You

Yes a have changed sim cards already
saddenly but not changes

I already create a support ticket

I have buy another MAX-HD2-LTE-UE
take another ruim card from Ukraine CDMA INTERTELECOM operator
insert to Cellular 1 port

router detect and recognized card
but (in line Obtain IP Address) about 2 hours, no effect

There is sample with worked config on Mikrotik Routerboard with same Operator
tel num #777
APN: no apn line
user: IT
pass: IT

dial command: ATDT

As I understand Ukraine is not supported by Peplink :frowning: