I am trying to create site-site VPN using PEPWAVE MAX HD2 on both sites. The configuration requires 10 remote sites to connect to a local site. While each remote site requires only 1 IPsec VPN profile, the local site requires 10 such profiles.

However, I realised that I can create at most 5 profiles for IPsec VPN on the local site. Is there any get-around to fulfil my configuration.

Thank you.

Pretty sure you can buy a software license to use more VPN profiles on the HD2. I’d suggest you contact a Peplink partner to ask.

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I see our distributor lists PN MAX-HD-020-SPF as a license to upgrade SF/PepVPN to 20 peers. (Applies to HD2Mini and others.) I’m wondering if that might meet your needs. As @MartinLangmaid has suggested, a call to your Partner may be in order.

Thank you, @MartinLangmaid and @Rick-DC