MAX HD2 & HD4 & MOTG Wi-Fi as WAN on 6.2 RC

Hi Peplink,

Over the last few days I’ve installed 6.2RC firmware on our fleet of test/demo routers
these are HD2 (3 off) HD4, MOTG, Surf SOHO & B380

I’ve noted a problem on all these units when connecting to Wi-Fi as WAN on the UK frequency band, Firstly 6.2 loads up on US freq bands so I have to switch it over to UK frequencies to pick up my 2.4GHz band 13 Wi-Fi router which is also happens to be a Pepwave Surf SOHO on 6.2RC

the HD2 & HD4 reboot themselves after a 5 minute or so period when I set them to the UK Wi-Fi band and them set themselves back to firmware 6.1.2 but UK Wi-Fi
The HD2 LTE hits 100% CPU usage in the minutes before rebooting

Edit, Our only HD2 3G is OK. Its happy on 6.2 RC with the UK Wi-Fi settings so I’ve only seen the reboot on 4G HD2’s
Could it be related to connecting to Wi-Fi networks on bands > 2.4GHz channel 11

I have a support ticket in for the Max on the go #749027 but at the moment I think its a wider problem, should I submit another ticket?

We will continue the follow up with you on #749027. Meanwhile, we will double checking on the 2.4G band UK channel mainly 12,13 in lab as well.