Max HD2 antenna terminator

Hi, we are connecting a Meraki MR26 to our Max HD2 to build out a mesh (additional MR26’s) for more wifi coverage.
As such, we do not seem to need the four standard wifi antennas that the Max HD2 comes with standard.
The questions are: Can you instead put SMA terminators (dummy loads) on the Max HD2 antenna connectors instead?
Are there drawbacks to doing so? What specifications if any would these terminators need?
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I recommend to just disable the Wi-Fi on the HD2. Thanks.

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Any particular for this recommendation?
Also considering keeping the antennas attached and functional but locating the first MR26 just about at the limit of the pepwave’s range. Unless, your recommendation is perhaps based upon any type of conflict/interference, etc… between the MR26 and the Pepwave.
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By Default, WIFI AP is enabled for the HD2 and the default SSID is broadcasted. Seem you doesn’t require the WIFI AP feature, hence it’s always recommended to turn off any unused feature.

Regarding to the concern of Radio interference or conflict, you can always use WIFI analyzer tools analyze the surrounding area. You should not found any WIFI AP broadcast by the HD2 if the WIFI AP feature is disabled.

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Anyone find a place to buy terminators (USA preferred)?

Cellular/GPS SMA Male Coaxial Terminator, 1 W Avg, 100 W Peak, 0 - 4 GHz, 50 Ohm

WiFi 0-6 GHz RP-SMA Plug Terminator 50 Ohm

Main issue I am having is finding one that can handle 100 watts and 0-4 GHz. Most are 1 watt and 0-3 ghz.