MAX_HD_2 vrs MAC

Hi all,

I have an issue:
I have an HD 2 installed on a boat and they have MAC’s (iPads, iPhones). I cannot “drag-n-drop” the priorities for the wans.
this is the same in Safi or Chrome. any ideas for a work around?

May I know all WANs have this behavior or just the Wifi WAN? If Wifi WAN, please ensure Wi-Fi Operating Mode choose to WAN / AP (AP > Settings)?

Yes, I cannot move any of the WANs with the iPad no matter which WAN I’m using.

And verified that I am using WAN/ap not ap/ap


This is something to do with the touch control devices like iPad and iPhone. Please use laptop or desktop to achieve your requirement.

Thank you for that.
It does work just fine with the PC however, the captain of the yacht has, in his infinite wisdom, chosen to only have iPads on the boat, thus he cannot prioritize his WAN’s. Is there a “mobile” app in the works? Or a “work around”?

You may use Router Utility if you wish to change the WAN priority. It can be downloaded from the App Store.