Max HD 2 - How to easily create aggregate / bonding for facebook live

Hi there,

We are a bit of a newbie on this. We have a Max HD 2 and what we really want to do is :slight_smile:

  1. With two sim card install, plus another sim card install via usb modem, and another sim card on a portable wifi-egg
  2. And be able to aggregate / bond all four of these different service provider to produce one “thick pipe”
  3. We then connect via LAN with macbook pro laptop running Wirecast, to facebook live video content when we are in outdoor location

We don’t have advance network knowledge, but we tried and also went through the manual, however still couldnt figure out how.

Is there anyway we can find like a tutorial to guide us through?
Do we have to use PEPVPN / SpeedFusionVPN / Balance 210 these kind of configuration and product in order to achieve that?
I’m sure we are not looking at load balancing as our laptop running Wirecast will need continuous connection through one pipeline for streaming onto facebook live.

Hope there is someone to help us out. Thanks very much!!!


Hi @coldhen,

To be able to use bonding, you will need the SpeedFusion VPN Bandwidth Bonding functionality.

The Pepwave MAX HD2 and Peplink Balance 210 both support this VPN technology, so you’re set on the hardware side.
Keep in mind that maximum throughput of the SpeedFusion VPN on the MAX HD2 is 100 Mbps without encryption, and 60 Mbps with encryption.
You will need to place the Balance 210 somewhere, for example in a datacenter, with a WAN connection speed that is at least as fast as the total bandwidth you’re trying to bond on the MAX HD2.

After you’ve built the SpeedFusion Bandwith Bonding VPN tunnel from the MAX HD2 to the Balance 310, all the active WAN connections you’ve chosen to use on the MAX HD2 will be bonded to one fast pipe.
Involving any high latency WAN connections (such as satellite or a bad WiFi connection) into this VPN tunnel, together with low latency cellular WAN connections, will give you bad results.

Hi @Joey_van_der_Gaag

Thank you very much. Am I correct that (since we ONLY have the Max HD2) we cannot achieve such aggregation without the Balance 210?

What we really like to setup is to use only the Max HD2, and bond the 2 sim 4G network + usb modem + wifi and aggregate into one pipeline to WWW, so we can use as upstreaming our video to facebook live.

Is that something we can do with only the Max HD2?

Hello Cohen,

I must have misunderstood the part about the Balance 210, sorry.

Unfortunately, SpeedFusion Bandwidth Bonding is not possible without an endpoint, since it’s VPN based.
This could be a Peplink Balance router or Peplink FusionHub Virtual Appliciance in the cloud (AWS, Azure, etc.)

@MartinLangmaid/@mldowling , do you have any other suggestions?


Hi Cohen,
Joey is right. You need Speedfusion Bonding which is a point to point VPN technology - so two Speedfusion VPN appliances.

You can use your HD2 with all of its connectivity, and then I would suggest you host a FusionHub Appliance in the cloud. Take a look at this blog post where we did a real life first Person Shooter with live video streaming from a HD2 via a Fusionhub applaince.

Where are you geographically? There are peplink partners all over the globe on here than might be able to offer temporary FusionHub connectivity for you to test with, or you can grab a 14day trial license of the FusionHub virtual appliance and test it yourself.


Hello @coldhen,
You need to always have a stable (& best a static) public facing IP address on Speedfusion at either a physical appliance such as a Balance router or using a virtual appliance with FusionHub.
In theory you could use a MAX router if its mixture of licencing and connections is suitable.

@Joey_van_der_Gaag & @MartinLangmaid have both cover this too in previous posts.

There are many here in the forum who are part of a global team of Peplink Partners with local market expertise and on the ground experience in there region to help you.

If you have any further question, we’d be keen to see them here in the forum.
Happy to Help,
Marcus :slight_smile:

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Thank you all :slight_smile:

I think I starting to understand how this works now.

We base in Hong Kong, and will look into if there are possible peplink partner that host FusionHub which we can work with for the deployment. I don’t think we have the IT knowledge to setup our own networking for these at this stage, so we must look into support from other sources first.

Thanks very much again.

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