MAX BR1 won't connect to AT&T

I have a Pepwave MAX BR1 (HW2) using both AT&T and Verizon sims. The Verizon sim works fine with no issues. The AT&T sim sometimes has problems connecting. Even with a strong signal, it sometimes hangs up with the never-ending message “Obtaining IP Address”. Right now, I’m parked in Death Valley. I have a strong AT&T (3G) signal. The Pepwave is stuck “Obtaining IP Address” and simply will not connect. I’ve tried various iterations of connection settings: Network mode Auto or AT&T only; LTE/3G Auto or 3G only (since I currently have only a 3G source); Operator setting Auto or Custom → broadband. I’ve tried rebooting and factory router reset. I’ve also upgraded to firmware 7.0.0. Nothing seems to work.

The funny thing is that AT&T works fine in many, if not most places. The same AT&T sim also works fine here in my iPhone. Is there something that I am missing? Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

Hi Wink,
this was a “hail Mary” play that worked once in the Caribbean for a yacht captain client of mine. force the BR! to that SIM Only and choose a completely different carrier, i.e. sprint for at&t something to make the BR1 look for signal on a different frequency.

like I said this was a long shot at the end of a very long session of TS
hope this helps

Hi Scott,
I gave the Hail Mary a try but no success. I tried locking onto Sprint and Verizon as well. Still no success. At least you gave me some ideas of a few more permutations of settings to try nonetheless. Thanks for your input.

Please open ticket for us to check further.

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Att charges extra for tethering. You may want to give them a call and make sure that the account has the correct options for sharing mobile data.

They also throttle 3G data depending on your plan. My att signal is always super strong until I try to use their network - then the truth comes out. :thinking:

My apologies for the delayed response. I was also in communication with 3G Store regarding this problem. They also contacted Peplink. I believe my problem is solved now.

My BR1 was running old cellular firmware (; current version is The cellular firmware is different from the ver 7.0.0 system firmware. The cellular firmware can be checked/upgraded via the Support > Information page which can be accessed via:
http://“LAN IP”/cgi-bin/MANGA/support.cgi
Under “Cellular module firmware update” —> Click “Check for update”.

Ensure that the BR1 is connected to another WAN (wired or Wifi WAN) during the update as the Cellular WAN is disabled during the upgrade. Since I am full-timing in an RV, a wired WAN connection is not so easy for me. I therefore upgraded the cellular firmware while connected to a Wifi WAN (Verizon hotspot). Worked great for following the progress of the update.

As I mentioned above, I believe my BR1 is working fine now. However, I moved away from Death Valley before I upgraded so I wasn’t able to test the AT&T signal there that wouldn’t connect earlier. In any case, I’ve had no problem so far connecting to AT&T, T-Mobile and Verizon since the update. In fact, it seems to usually connect faster now.
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I have a similar problem.

Pepwave MAX BR1 mini,
Hardware Revision: 1,
Firmware: 8.0.2 build 3612
Cellular module firmware:,GENERIC,SPRINT,VERIZON)

I have only one SIM that is AT&T. It connects OK, but when I lose the cell signal by driving my RV away from civilization, it fails to reconnect when I return and have a strong signal. It shows “Obtaining IP Address” forever.

I have tried to reset the WAN (I can’t remember how). I also pulled the SIM and reinserted, but no luck.

If I reboot the pepwave, it boots and connects OK.



Would you please open a ticket for this ?

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