MAX BR1 with Netgear R8000 port forwarding

I have a Max BR1 using cellular connection (ATT/Verizon) with IP passthrough selected. I am able to get an internet connection on the R8000 and connect devices to it to receive internet.

I am unable to connect to a raspberry pi running an http server from outside of my LAN. I’m using a dynamic dns service and I’m also unable to reach the server with my external ip address. The pi has a reserved ip address on the LAN and the port is being forwarded to it on the R8000.

Everything was working properly when I was using the Verizon jetpack with the R8000. I’m not sure how to properly configure the BR1 for what I’m trying to do.

Hmm. Maybe the BR1 is currently set to use port 80 for its web ui so is hogging it?
Try logging into the BR1, navigate to System | Admin Security and change the web admin port to something else (like 8080)

Save and Apply and see if that fixes it.

Sorry, I should have mentioned the server running on the pi is listening on port 3000 so there isn’t a conflict. I have been unsuccessful at opening any port.

do you have a static public IP with ATT / VZW? i think they usually require a business account, $500 setup fee, etc