Max BR1 with external antennas or BR1 IP55


I have a Balance One Core router and would like to add 2 LTE connections on WAN ports.

I live In a quite rural region, and have tested LTE with IOS devices. Get 27 up / 12 down and 12 up / 10 down with two different providers, which is not that exessively good but far more than my cable connection.

The LTE devices will be mounted on top of my roof. First of all, the distance between my roof and the position of my router is about 25 meters, too much for antenna cables - high loss. But fortunately I have 2 CAT6 cables from my router to my roof…

What unsettles me: is it better to use 2 MAX BR1 IP55, or use an IP66 - 68 case to house 2 MAX BR1 Slim and have 2 external MIMO antennas? (HD2 IP67 is no option)

What do think, is it better to use the same LTE provider in both devices, or use two different providers?

Thank you very much in advance!

Are you sure you even need to mount them on the roof? Where did you perform the IOS device test? Thanks.

On top of my roof… :slight_smile: My router is situated down in the cellar - no chance to get a signal there.

Just a thought: Bring the signal from an outside antenna to the basement using a WeBoost (or similar equipment) coupled with the Peplink (or rebroadcast in the basement to the LTE devices, with phone connectivity as an added bonus).

The latter works for me (though I am using only one LTE connection at a time, with a fallback to a second carrier in case the first one goes off the air).

Hmmm… thanks for your suggestion, but this is not what I want. Because there already are 2 CAT6 cables from roof to cellar, I’d like to have one of the solutions I have mentioned in my first post.
Let’s come back to my question: what do you think is the better way? BR1 IP55 or BR1 Slim in IP 66 case with external antenna?
Thanks a lot guys!

Either way is feasible. For me I’ll go for 2 x BR1 55.
Different provider is recommended, to avoid possible problems like cell tower throttling.