MAX BR1 WiFi LAN- intermittent dropping

Hey guys! My MAX BR1 started behaving weirdly today. It seems that the wifi LAN is dropping intermittently…as in every 10-15 seconds according to my devices. Ethernet connection is fine. I’ve tweaked the settings (current firmware 6.3.x) and moved it around (within 1-15’ of my devices)… I’m stumped. Any pointers?

  1. Please check whether WIFI AP (2.4Ghz) is interfere by other AP in the network. If yes, please try to change it using healthy channel and monitor the performance again.

  2. Please check whether WIFI AP is congested (High usage) by WIFI clients. High usage for the WIFI clients may cause intermittent issue as WIFI network is share platform/medium.

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Thanks for your help! Looks like I’m having a hard time with jitter…which I don’t know if that’s more on the carrier (AT&T) or something in the router. Would you happen to know?