Max BR1 - When primary internet is down, limit LTE traffic to only necessary traffic

Hello all,

I have a Balance 580 at my corp hq and 15 Max BR1s at remote retail locations. At each retail location, we have a primary internet connection in our WAN port. All of our primary internet connections are “all you can eat” so we don’t care about how much traffic we pass over those links.

When/if our primary internet goes down, we fail over to our LTE connection. Obviously NOT “all you can eat” !!

I’d like to make it so that we can specify (either by mac or ip) which hosts on our LAN can pass traffic over the LTE network. For example, only our credit card processing machine can pass traffic over LTE… but when we’re running on our primary internet, nothing is limited.



This is a good feature request, we will look in to this.

This can be done by outbound policy rules:

  1. Setup outbound rule for each credit card processing machine:
    Algorithm: Priority 1) ethernet WAN 2) LTE
  2. Setup an Enforced rule to enforce all traffic (any -> any) to ethernet WAN
    (Or you can change the default rule to enforce all traffic to ethernet WAN, in this case you need to remove the pre-configured HTTPS persistence rule)

Just realized advance outbound policy rule is not available in BR1, the mentioned solution is not applicable to BR1.