MAX BR1 WAN activation

Hi, I got a MAX BR1 LTE last november and it is working perfectly. a few weeks ago I tried to purchase a failover option with Baltic networks to activate the different WAN options. they responded that the unit (bought as new through Amazon) has a history of being damaged and that therefore peplink would not proceed with the update.
Is there any other option to get the activation other than replacing my perfectly working unit?

“Hi Xavier,
Unfortunately, your devise has a history of water damage and Peplink is unable to clear the RMA record. What that means is that they will not issue Failover Activation License for you. I will refund you and send you a credit memo. I apologize. I was hoping this will turn out into your favor. Please let me know if you have any questions.
We appreciate your business,”

Hi Xavier, welcome to the forum!
If the device has an RMA record that means that Peplink has replaced it under warranty. Its a zombie device in that respect, and so understandable I think that they won’t release an activation license.

Peplink staff are the only ones who can generate FA licenses using internal tools. You will not be able to get a license via alternate means.

thanks a lot for the info. I bought it online via Amazon, does it means I am the victim of a scam or something like this?

@darzacq, can you submit a support ticket (Peplink Ticketing System) with the device details for us to a closer look?

thanks, I just sent the ticket