MAX BR1 vs MBR95

I’m looking for a backup WAN connectivity solution in the case of my primary provider line going down. I have 4G service through Verizon. What are the primary benefits of the MAX BR1 over the Cradlepoint MBR95. I do not see these products compared and Verizon pointed out the MBR95 as a possible solution. I am looking for a robust solution that does not require intervention when a failure on the primary network occurs. Thanks (enter isn’t working, pardon the lack of line breaks)

Hi Curant- The MAX BR1 is quite different from the MBR95 because the BR1 is using an embedded 4G LTE modem instead of relying on a USB dongle. It is also housed in a very durable and rugged metal enclosure that can withstand harsh environments and wide temperature extremes. Reliability and stability are off the charts, and the fail-over and fail-back happen so fast you won’t even notice!