Max BR1 Terminal Block Connector Specs

Hey there,

I misplaced the terminal block connector that pairs with the Max BR1, allowing the unit to be charged by 12V DC. Can someone direct me to where I can find this connector?

Not sure that peplink sells these individually, but any technical specs would be helpful. I’m guessing they are common off the shelf products.



We are able to assist you on this. Please open a support ticket for us to assist you further.


Hi Will
What is your location?
We have a few spare as we tend to use the power source rather than the terminal blocks.

I also am looking for a place to buy a couple of the two-pin terminal blocks.
I did find them at the 5GStore, but not sure I need to pay $9.00 for the block and then $21.00 for shipping!

Hi Mike. Can you confirm exactly which model you have? Is it a MAX-BR1-Mini? If so, we stock spares for that model and – no – we would not charge you what the “other guys” do. (We like our customers.) Send me a PM with your requirements and I’ll see if we can help you out.