MAX- BR1 -T Setup ideas

Hi All,
we are trying to implement a VPN network and all of them connecting to a central area.
so we can control the usage of the network on the client ends using a Pfsense Box.
we have 3 buses connecting to our main facility.
my question is will the 3 * MAX- BR1 -T and a Balance 380 work? (like an extended network through the VPN)
our ISP requirements - GSM 850/1900 Mhz frequencies to access voice and GPRS/Edge networks and HSDPA 850 Mhz frequency to access the HSPA+ network.
any ideas will be appreciated… thanks…

Hi Enabet,

Yes, you could have all the Traffic from the remote BR1 units pushed over the vpn I believe this is what you are trying to accomplish ? they also support a layer-2 vpn as you stated to “extend your network”
Those units could definitely work, but depending on the size of this deployment, speeds of lines, and # of VPN tunnels there might be a better fit or deployment strategy. Can I ask if you have any more details on the deployment?

Nice good to know that it will work

yes well what we are trying to accomplish is to have limited WiFi access to all the buses using the BR1’s.
access will be filtered from our central office using a PfSense box (transparent Proxy, with captive portal) ,
well right now the project is proposed for 4 vehicles possible expansion to 6.

our ISP Network operates on HSPA+ 21 Mbps and works specifically on the 850MHz frequency.

of VPN tunnels will be 1- 2 per BR1

using the BR1 AP for wifi inside the buses

hope that provides a clear view of the implementation.


Yes we have many clients that use these in vehicles and do similar deployments with great results.

as for your ISP network HSPA+ on the 850MHz frequency, you could look at the MAX-BR1-LTE-A-T or MAX-BR1-T depending on carrier need and location

specs from peplink website:

BR1’s also support 2 speedfusion vpn peers. the hd2’s and the hd4’s are also great units for mobile solutions. I hope this helps!

also you may want to consider how many passengers could be on the bus at one time to plan for wifi load.


Hi Taylor,

so you think the new MAX HD2 mini will do the work.

thanks for the information and clarification.


Hi Nabs,

I’m not 100% sure on the Max-HD2 Mini’s because they are so new I do not know the complete specs / if they provide wifi AP ? I was originally speaking about the MAX-HD2-VA-T / MAX-HD2-LTE-A2-T

those specs are here on peplinks site:

Maybe someone else can chime in with some specifications on the HD2 mini’s ? i will let you know what i find out as i look into the mini’s, they seem like a very exciting new product

have a good day


The HD2 mini does not have Wi-Fi, so you would want to look at the BR1 or regular HD2.