MAX-BR1-T (Gobi) can't be activated on Sprint

For a couple of weeks now I haven’t been able to activate the MAX-BR1-T units on the Sprint network. I’ve spent hours on the phone with Sprint engineers troubleshooting and I’m told it’s now all Gobi based units. I know Digi brand units are having the same problems. Is there a timeline on getting this resolved? I’m told told it’s a very difficult problem to resolve and rooted in the SSL certificates of the modems.

When trying to activate:
SSL is sent from OMA to wireless device.
Wireless device replies with a DISCONNECT.
SSL sent from OMA is the same sent to ANY Sprint device, which verifies the SSL is valid.

This is last update I’ve received

Team, work continues across Qualcomm and vendors as well as Sprint internal teams. It is important to share a bit more background on why this is taking some time

Devices are eol (3 to 6 years)
Qualcomm originally built the source code; sold it to vendors
Majority of the customers have purchased these devices from other vendors or 3rd party and some with modifications made
Sprint pulled back in Qualcomm w/vendors and all have identified their best engineers in an effort to reverse engineer the module in an effort isolate root cause/fix, there is no guarantee of timing on this

Work continues with Qualcomm and the OEMs but so far they have not identified the underlying problem. QC testing differences between the working version of firmware and the failing versions of firmware with respect to the SSL certificate.

We are working internally with the parties in order to find the solution of the issue.

Hi Wheeler, we are aware of this problem, this happens after Daylight Saving Time started in March. We have been notified that Sprint is working on their side to resolve this, will absolutely keep you posted on the progress.

Hi Steve - Thank you for the feedback and we look forward to hearing this has been corrected.


Does anyone know if this has been corrected yet?


We are getting update on this. Will keep you posted on the progress.

Hi wheeler,

The problem has been solved, and there should be no extra action needed to make your BR1 works, would you please try to activate your device on Sprint network again and let us know the result? Thank you very much.

I activated two units on Sprint yesterday without any problems.


Thanks for letting us know, wheeler, please feel free to contact us if you have further questions.

I am working with a Mobile Operator (Telcel) and they want to know if the following products support the OMA-DM protocol?

And, Which version is supported?


Thanks for your help,

Joel RY.