Max Br1 Sat TV interface problem

Hi there
Im new in this so i need little bit help setting up my Max BR 1 router .
Before we have Sisco router here and all the systems, Sonos , Sat Tv was connected true lan Swich all together . I have access sat tv interface true ip
When i change the router whit Max BR1 i can’t access the Sat tv interface .
Any ideas ? I have to do some additional set up on the router ?
Thank in advace !!

Hi. The BR1 comes with a default IP of and it uses DHCP to assign IP addreses to connected clients from the IP onwards.

If the SAT TV uses DHCP it will have a new IP address in the range. If not you can either change the BR1 to use network instead of in its network settings.

I use to search for things on networks. Suggest you try that.

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Hi Martin
Thank you for prompt reply . i have run the IP scanner as you suggested but i can’t see the Sat Tv everything else is there .
I have connected AP enterprises to the switch and i have the same problem it doesn’t connect to web interface on the AP the address i use is on the label on the back side of the AP .
Can you please advice how i can change the ip of Max Br1 as suggested above .
Kind regards

So this is not technically a problem - its expected behavior. Normally when I’m setting up a small number of APs I’ll add a second IP address to my laptop in the same range (eg in your case) then I’m able to connect to the APs and reconfigure them to use an IP address on my local network.

At the moment your local network is So for your APs to work they need an IP address in that network. Or you go to network settings on the BR1 and change every mention of a .50 to a .1 to revert your network back to a network.

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