Max BR1 Resetting every few min and will not accept the New firmware 6.2.2

New to forum,
Max BR1 will reset every few minutes, disconnect and reconnect after 15-30 sec to wifi connections.
I have tried to check for update Currently 6.2.0 and it will not automatically find the new firmware
Downloaded 6.2.2 manually and it the New firmware. Once connected after rebooting it ran for 30 seconds then rebooted and defaulted back to the 6.2.0
Thus continuing the resetting problem again with no improvements.

Update to last post.
I think I have narrowed down the problem to a conflict in logging into outside WiFi. The outside WiFi is very unstable and was in priority 2 location. It was constantly searching and trying to obtain IP. I set WiFi to the disabled area and the problem started to go away after a couple of reboots. I then set the Cell to 3g and now i am having very consistant speeds without interuption. So seems there was quit a few issues making this all happen. Firmware issue resolved due to bad internet connect and constant disconnect.