MAX BR1 MK2 W-T only connects to T-Mobile Carrier

Just fixed my Password and IMEI number problem, now my AT&T SIM card only connects to T-Mobile. What Gives? I have set the Network Mode to AT&T and saved and applied Changes, so now it shows Network Mode AT&T, but the carrier is still T-Mobile. Do I need to send this router back? I was under the impression there were only two versions Worldwide (W-T) and Asia. I am just now realizing this is a recently “obsolete” version, but that shouldn’t make this unable to connect to AT&T.

I didn’t consider the MAX BR1 MINI because all I read indicated that it would only use the Cellular as the primary connection. The AT&T guy at the store indicated that AT&T blocks all non-US routers, which seemed wrong, but …

Some Help/advice please!!

Hello JM,
I have the exact same problem with my ATT card and Pepwave.
I contacted ATT support and the tech told me to they had refreshed the settings on there end and i should reboot and try it. Well needless to say they left the chat and the problem still exists.
Not happy with my purchase of the Pepwave and ATT support.

FWIW, guys: When I first got this MAX BR1 Pro 5G it would not connect to AT&T. Called the channel partner from whom we’d acquired it. (Kudos to him: He answered my call on a Saturday, off work, while out somewhere with his family!)

He had me go into Cellular → Details, under Cellular Settings change Operator Settings from Auto to Custom, enter “broadband” into the APN field, then Save and Apply.

That fixed it.

With Operator Settings set to Auto, the APN field had a string related to T-Mobile in it.


Thank you!! Whil it seemed to take forever to get an IP address, it finally got connected and registers AT&T as both Network mode(which I set previously) and Carrier AT&T. Currently fully connected on standby as my priority 2 connection.

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Yup, @James_Seymour is correct. This is a known problem and we’ve answered quite a number of support calls regarding this issue. This appears to be an artifact of the roaming arrangement between AT&T and TMO. This is not an issue with the Peplink equipment.

Our best advice is always to obtain the APN direct from the carrier and not to rely on “auto.” The latter often does work – but won’t when the carriers trick their customers.

What is the proper APN for AT&T? Broadband or broadband? Capitalization matters

@Jerry_Sarfati : You are correct. Try this …

AT&Ts site says Broadband.