MAX-BR1 Mk2 locks up Ticketing system slow and non responsive

I have been fighting an issue where every day or so the MAX BR1 Mk 2 locks up and shuts its AP off. Attempt to connect via a cable to the wan port get link lights no DHCP. This had been going on for some time when one day on the web interface I started seeing a “System Failed Integrity Check” message.
Opened a ticket and they took days to respond and were of no help. I then used the reset button to perform a hard reset and took the unit back to factory configuration. This got the nit working great for a couple weeks. I had left the remote assistance turned on this entire time as I still have an open ticket.
Yesterday I turned off remote assistance and last night The router locks up and shuts the WiFi down. Only way I can get it working again is to unplug the power cable and re-power.
Looking for help here because the Peplink customer support ticketing system is worthless. I like this thing when it works but its so unreliable I regret ever dealing with a company that has such a poor ticketing system.

Hello ebourlet,

Very sorry for the support issues you’ve had so far. I’ve sent you a message in the ticketing system and I’ll monitor to make sure your issue gets resolved.


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