Max br1 mini- works in mexico?

I have two units deployed into mexico and I cannot get them to connect. I know the sim cards will work in the area but know I am wondering if the modems will?


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You can buy different models from the BR1 mini Series (you can find it here).

You can see the different Bands they are using.

What is the problem you have? What is shown on the Dashboard?


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I had the units working at my shop in Texas with an I2Gold SIM card from AT&T but when I shipped them to Monterrey they won’t connect. The landowner says they have AT&T service on the ranch and my AT&T rep says there is coverage and my SIM cards should work. Now I am wondering if the modem had to have something changed for it to work in Mexico?

According to information found on websites, AT&T provides a 4G LTE network service using LTE band 4 (1700/2100Mhz) and band 2 (1900Mhz) in Mexico.
The following models support these bands :
If you are using one of these models and still can’t connect please log a support ticket.
When you do, please include a diagnostic report and the cellular status message (obtaining ip, connecting, no device detected).

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So it sounds like you have a US data plan and you are trying to use them in Mexico. This is Int’l roaming and you should check with AT&T if your plan even supports it. Thanks

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Hello Tim,

I have the same issue with my MAX-BR1-MINI-LTE-US-T. The AT&T plan on the pepwave device has data roaming enabled. However it is still having trouble connecting, is there something in the background of the pepwave device that needs to be checked?