MAX BR1 Mini with Booster

I have a BR1-Mini with LTEA, I have poor line of site to the tower which is about 10 miles away. I have 2 Wilson Yagi antennas pointing to the tower. One of them has a booster, but I am not sure if I am getting what I expect out of it.

Some days my SINR will be around 9db other days it will be -9db. I am not looking for speed, I am looking for a way to make my connection more stable and reliable.

Should I get another m2m booster for the diversity antenna? Without the booster band 12 is completely useless. With the booster here are my signal readings.

LTE Band 12 (700 MHz)
RSSI: -63dBm
SINR: -4.4dB
RSRP: -93dBm
RSRQ: -14.0dB

I do have 50ā€™ of LMR 400, 50 ohm cable that goes from my basement to the peak of my roof where the antennas are.

Any advice, is there another product I can buy? I am looking at shortening my LMR 400, but I still need a booster to make that connection.

Thanks in advance for any advice.

I am no expert. However, Iā€™d be curious to see if you get a better result with the BR1 as close as possible to the antenna with as short a length of LMR 400 as possible and either connecting through the building with wifi to the BR1 or with an ethernet cable from the basement to BR1 located near the roof.

I started with a wilson yagi and upgraded to a 4ā€™ yagi on amazon that is performing better on the 700 band at my location.

I agree, shorten the LMR400. Get the Peplink device closer to the antenna. I had the same conundrum with my setup where it would be 50 foot LMR400 run inside and instead I ended up putting the Peplink in a weather proof enclosure in a weather protected cabinet outside which allowed me to get away with a 20 foot run instead of 50.

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