MAX BR1 Mini WAN Quality Graph not Working

I have been using a MAX BR1 Mini for over a year. Having Rural signal challenges, the WAN Quality Graph of signal levels (for my Verizon Cell link) has been very helpful. Suddenly this is no longer giving me meaningful values for RSSI or RSRP. It always reports 0 dBm, which is obviously wrong. My typical values are in the range of ~ -90 dBm to -118 dBm.

I noticed that when booting, the BR1 Mini always has reported 0 dBm, but that changes to what appeared to be accurate readings once a signal is acquired. Now it just continues to report 0 dBm. The Latency chart does appear to work.

I tried updating to the latest firmware (8.1.1) today, but nothing has changed.

Any ideas?



Do you see this readings when WAN Quality shows the reading is 0 dBm?


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No - when I click that icon, I get what appears to be correct signal reports


Please open a support ticket for support team to check on that.

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I will open a ticket, but unfortunately it will have to wait till Friday, when I am back at that Router. I do not have the serial number available until then.

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I opened a ticket and here is an update:

Hoping to get my WAN signal quality display restored, I restored my BR1 Mini to FACTORY settings and installed the latest 8.1.2 Firmware version. This did not help. Now instead of showing bogus “0 dBm” levels, it simply displays “No WAN Quality information.” The latency display for my Verizon WAN still functions as expected, and shows reasonable values. This happened after over a year of useful displays of WAN signal levels.

We couldn’t get your response after 10 May from the ticket you opened. Can you help to check your spam folder? An access to your device is needed to do further checking. Please help to follow up with us in the ticket.


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